Architecture d'intérieur

By Roberta Penna – Interior Designer in Switzerland

Are you moving on to your first apartment? Moving to a smaller one? Getting married? Having another baby? Things change and we have to adapt our lives and our homes. If you are looking for help next to you, Roberta Penna is an interior designer in Switzerland and have the solutions to your needs.

By optimising the space or just refreshing it, we always consider your home´s dynamic and harmony, to ensure you feel good at home. That’s our mission:  Help you translate your lifestyle and personality into your home.

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Even if you live in a rented place, you should feel good and happy at home. With a few tips, we can change different spaces and make your home a retreat, as your home should be functional and aesthetic.

Atelier id´s purpose is to make your home a reflection of you and your family, while staying in your budget.


Share with us your wishes and needs. Together we will find solutions to make your home as unique as you are.