In this interior design project the idea was to use neutral colours on the walls and large furniture and add colour to the space using objects.

The wall shelving system was painted in anthracite grey to mask the black cast iron shelving and put the objects and books on the spotlight.

The armchair and cushions set an identity to the decoration.

The high quality of the natural materials like jute, wood and metal bring comfort and a feeling of belonging.

The lighting project was planned to delimit functions and to change the lighting according to the different activities of the day.


An apartment renovation that originally had three bedrooms.

With the intent of creating a dining room and a home office, we opened one of the bedrooms to the living room. Sliding doors were used to separate these spaces without totally closing them.

A lighting project was developed to offer a cosy atmosphere into the space.

We reused the client’s furniture and mixed rustic and modern objects.

The bathroom project was completely renovated with black and white materials.

This project was done in collaboration with the architect Ana Paula Hygino.


In this project we worked with different textures inspired by Brazilian materials.

The living room wall was covered with coconut fibre.

In the restroom, we used Portuguese stone on the floor- a typical stone that covers the sidewalks in Rio de Janeiro beaches. Customised countertop sink.

A large cabinet was designed for the dining room with details in mirror. For a visual effect we installed a mirror next to the dining table.

Lighting project developed.

This project was done in collaboration with the architect Ana Paula Hygino.


Perspective of an apartment’s renovation.

We designed a big wood bench below the windows to integrate the living room and the home cinema.

It was originally a three bedroom apartment and we opened one of the bedrooms to create the family’s dream: the home cinema.

We developed the lighting project creating lighting niches.

This project was done in collaboration with the architect Ana Paula Hygino.


Baby room project. It is very important to think about flexibility and modularity when planning a baby room.

The changing table is over the chest of drawers and can be removed when not used. In the future, it will turn into a desk without any changes to the shelving structure.

The shelving has butterflies niches with indirect lighting to bring comfort to the baby. At the bottom, there are two practical drawers with wheels to help tidy up toys.

On the side of the shelf, there is room for books at reach.

All these considerations are useful and were thought to bring security and functionality to the everyday life.



This restroom was planned from zero in a duplex penthouse apartment in Rio de Janeiro. The goal was to bring comfort to this lounge area. We chose natural materials like marble and wood. The sink was designed and sculpted into the marble. The sink cabinet with two big drawers is suspended to bring lightness to this small space. This project was done in collaboration with the architect Ana Paula Hygino.


Restroom renovation. Before and After. Glass countertop, customised sink cabinet and sink. This project was done in collaboration with the architect Ana Paula Hygino.


Restroom and Bathroom renovations. Before and After. Detail of the glass countertop and sink.


Consulting Décor Online project.

A relooking on the master suite and the living room.

For the bedroom, we created a cosy atmosphere in light grey and rose.

An unused area in front of the walking closet now has a bench, a mirror and some hooks to make the routine in the mornings easier.

We chose decoration objects, photo frames, cushions, cover and rug.

We chose geometrical patterned wallpaper behind the bed with pastel colors to put the bed into the spotlight with gracefulness and harmony.

In the living room, we maintained the base colours and chose some furniture to go with the client’s existing ones.

Decoration objects, photo frames, cushions, rug and lighting were chosen to complement the space.

The wood shelving was designed to match the existing tv furniture.